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Our Story

Lifted Talent sprouted as a product of passion and purpose. In 2018, the boutique recruitment firm Enterprise Select Resourcing partnered with its first client in the Cannabis industry. Retained to serve as the talent acquisition arm for a fast-growing Cannabis company, a team of Enterprise Select’s top recruiters was assigned to exclusively service the new account. While helping the client secure talent across the professional spectrum to design and launch life-changing products, the team’s historical, cultural, medicinal knowledge of the plant, and overall Cannabis IQ also grew exponentially. A deep appreciation and devotion to the legal Cannabis movement were seeded. 


Two years later, with a growing network and presence within the industry, the search team decided to spin off and form a new company dedicated exclusively to supporting the Cannabis + Hemp industry. While we operate as a separate entity, we have the entirety of Enterprise Select’s vast amount of resources at our disposal; including nine-plus years of carefully cultivated candidate networks, state-of-the-art search technology, and established recruiting processes that can be leveraged to add immediate and lasting value to the Cannabis industry. 

Our Mission

Our mission, like our title, is twofold. We are cannabis-recruiters, and we understand our purpose in that order. Primarily we identify ourselves as cannabis activists, promoters, and life-long learners and educators. We recognize that cannabis reform and nation-wide legalization of adult-use is a social justice issue, as much as is it a healthcare issue. Propaganda, misinformation, fear, and racism have informed our industry’s image for far too long. Our farmers, horticulturalists, scientists, activists, and reformers are forging to the path of truth, re-education, trust, and justice. 


Complementary to our mission to educate and impact change, is to use our platform as cannabis-recruiters to attract and call on the most talented, warm, and agile individuals from within and outside the trade to imbue our industry with unmatched professionalism and passion. Accordingly, we align them with companies and organizations which match their enthusiasm, forthrightness, and craftsmanship. We are not afraid to stand in contrast with other recruiting firms, and we vet both our candidates and our clients with care, honesty, and a discerning eye. Always and only offering the utmost respect to our favorite plant, our industry, ourselves, and humanity. 

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What We Offer

LT exclusively services the legal cannabis and industrial hemp industry. We provide customized talent solutions for all types of hiring needs that arise in the growth stages of plant-touching and ancillary businesses. Whether it’s hiring a specialist consultant for an urgent project or filling a key executive opening, our experts have you covered. We align talent with organizations across the spectrum of service and practice areas detailed below. 

Talent Services 

Looking for a long-term fit? We understand the importance of company culture by aligning unmatched talent with superb organizations.

Seasoned talent, when you need it. We match skilled professionals with niche, project-oriented, contract work.

We connect top tier leaders from all sectors of the market who want to make a difference with companies that are making one. 

We ensure your application is as strong as possible in emerging markets and strive to make your Green Dream Team a reality.


Practice Areas


plant touching  sectors



ancillary I

tech + sales

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ancillary II

professional + operations

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Dual-Industry Expertise

We are not just expert recruiters, and we are not just well-versed in the cannabis industry. We are seasoned, passionate cannabis-recruiters. At Lifted, we are a dedicated and nimble team equipped with the skill and experience-level to offer a service second to none; we guarantee each team member is not only rigorously trained in recruitment’s best practices, but is Green Flower Certified. 


While large staffing companies hire trainees en masse and dilute the quality of their service, our team members have years of successful recruitment experience and are veterans in the talent acquisition space.  We couple keeping our ears to the ground in the cannabis space as it develops, with fresh, yet seasoned recruitment processes. Now, that’s an entourage effect that could rival THC and pinene.

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