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Lifted Talent
Certified Search & Talent Strategy Consultants

 We help cannabis companies recruit elite talent and install powerful hiring systems to scale with ease. 

get lifted. 


Discover Ways We Can Help.

All business problems are people problems; we exist to solve the biggest people strategy and hiring gaps facing the cannabis industry. At Lifted Talent, we partner with cannabis businesses of all sizes and stages across the plant-touching and ancillary spectrum to provide flexible solutions designed to solve a wide range of human resources and leadership talent demands. 

Modern Work Space

Inspire leadership at every level by hiring industry leaders, top executives, and strategic team members who make a difference with disruptive, innovative companies.


Fill time-sensitive openings with an interim leader, secure an expert consultant or fractional executive with confidence through our deep network of agile talent.


Use people data to connect business strategy and business results. Collaborate, plan, and execute effectivetalent operations strategy through the lens of object, people-data.


Ensure your application is as compelling and impressive as possible. We are the consultants can trust to assemble your Green Dream Team. 

Coverage Areas

Explore Our Functional Expertise.

Lifted Talent serves an array of ancillary and plant-touching organizations. From seed to sale and everything in between, our experts are holistically and professionally well-versed, with an affinity for the sector they support. The following are our main touchstones, each providing tremendous value to the space.

Learn About Our Strategy.

Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but makes us successful. The Lifted process is prudent, consultative, and human-centric. Learn how our fresh perspective is your distinct advantage.


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