Finance + Accounting

The cannabis industry has grown and continues to blossom into a financially lucrative industry. However, keeping in mind core values and a wellness-focused trajectory, the industry must prudently absorb its new fruitful status.


Enter: savvy, sincere, shrewd accountants, and financiers. Considering intricate cash flow (for often all-cash operations) and bookkeeping, complex audits, and complicated forecasting and budgeting (all of which must be tailored for our budding industry) truly creative, freethinking, astute accountants and financiers are commissioned and drawn to our industry. 


At Lifted, we pride ourselves on understanding and connecting with masterful cannabis leadership in the financial sector. Aligning these leaders with excellent organizations excited, but mindful of the shifting road to profitability ahead, is the passion of our finance and accounting team. Green, meet green.


The following are positions we are excited to continue help service and fill in the Financial sectors:

  • Chief Financial Officer, VP of Finance​, and Chief Revenue Officer.

  • Head of Investor Relations, Principal Cost Accountant, Corporate Treasurer, and Financial/Corporate Controller.

  • Manager of Financial Reporting & Analyst, AR/AP Supervisor, Senior Accountant, and Fixed Asset Accountant.

  • Payroll Manager, Loan Specialist, Funding Specialist, Cannabis Tax Specialist, and Financial Analyst.

“The cannabis industry’s sustained double-digit growth curve is almost unprecedented in modern business history, and that’ before the whole plant is legalized federally.” - Steve DeAngelo