Product Development, Hardware, + AgTech

If necessity is the mother of invention, then her co-parent is creativity. The cannabis industry, like any other, needs tech created specifically and brilliantly just for it. As not only an agricultural business but as an emergent industry altogether, the cannabis space requires some co-parenting.


Product and Hardware development furthers the reach and ability to expand for farmers, researchers, retailers, and beyond; for operations small and large. Our industry’s agricultural arm (and all agriculture for that matter) is due for an update beyond what John Deere can offer.

At Lifted, our team supports AgTech’s pioneers as forge ahead on unhallowed fields, revolutionizing an industry that was once a revolution. And revolution² sounds pretty exciting to us.


The following are positions we are eager to continue to help fill and service in the Hardware/Product Development and AgTech cannabis leadership sphere:

  • Chief Data Officer, Chief Product Officer, Application  Hardware Engineering Director, Automation Director.

  • Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist, AI Scientist, Robotics Engineer.

  • Algorithms Engineer, Research Engineer, Blockchain Engineer, and Automation Engineers

  • Deep Learning Developer and Natural Language Processing Developers

  • DevOps Engineer, Warehouse Engineer, Controls Engineer

  • Reliability Engineer, Hardware Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer  

  • Product Manager, Product Designer 

  • Data Modeler, Virtualization Engineer, and Big Data Analysts.


 "“Because of its breadth of applications, cannabis/hemp is the most disruptive economic development since Silicon Valley edged out blue chips...To say we’re in our infancy is an understatement when it comes to this plant’s uses and markets.” - Steve DeAngelo