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The Lifted Approach

Trust and respect are two heads of the coin. And to build lasting, true relationships (business or otherwise), a foundation of trust and respect is not just an important component, it is the most important component.


Contingent recruitment is not built on that foundation, it’s built solely on competition, speed, and sheer volume. It’s built on fear.


However, when you form a partnership, a true partnership, with a solution-provider like Lifted, you drive your narrative and your outward-facing arm via ongoing communication and transparency. Hiring is an opportunity to advertise your story and brand. Finding the right synergy with your staffing partner, and therefore your staffing efforts will ensure this sector of your branding and marketing is in alignment with who you are in the cannabis space.

Our three phase, six-step process is a collaborative, streamlined partnership. We have the distinct advantage of being powered by the Predictive Index in-hosue, so we not only know and consult through the discipline of talent optimization, but we live and breath it everyday. Let’s break it down:

Phase One: Discover

Step 1: Research, Step 2: Analysis

A thorough diagnostic is conducted to understand your company and brand, your position in the space, and your current needs. Research is always done in-house, never out-sourced. We use job assessments to compile data to ensure all stakeholders are in alignment on what the role calls for, and what kind of candidate is an ideal fit. Building data and mapping candidate pools are only as useful as the analysis of it. We use the amalgamation of our cutting-edge tech stack and our expert, analytical recruiters to engage with the top 10% of professionals. 

Phase Two: Attract

Step 3: Marketing, Step 4: Active Outreach

Dual-marketing channels (both Lifted Talent's and our sister company, Phenom Consulting Group), premium advert space, and expert copywriting, ensuring each aspect to ensure your story is being told correctly. A dedicated team member will own the active recruiting initiatives, engaging in active candidate outreach via multiple sourcing streams, such as InMail campaigns, internal database outreach, professional networking and career site outreach, and candidate referrals.

Phase Three: Select

Step 5: Sorting + Qualifying, Step 6: Managing, Step 7: Retaining

We filter and vet the highest quality candidates, matching their skills and attributes to your unique opportunity and company culture. We use behavioral and cognitive assessments to ensure candidates are aligned on all fronts with the role. With a slate of all-star candidates at your disposal, we then help manage an effective interview and offer process and offer long-term retainment strategies.

We have flexible, dynamic packages depending on your needs and we look forward to building a make-sense strategy for your unique situation.

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