Research, Development, & Medicinal

The effort to transform and recategorize cannabis as a plant medicine undoubtedly takes a village, but science and R&D is the first step of its advancement.


Whether it’s big-picture or day-to-day, leaders in laboratories are defining the trajectory of our industry by producing wonderfully healing products and discovering new properties and uses steadily. Our doctors, lab technicians, and R&D leaders in cannabis are at the forefront of humanity’s health and well-being. 


At Lifted, we constantly aim to couple the very best medicinal and research professionals with companies striving to uplift, support, and advance them. Essentially, the quintessential (perhaps cliched, but true)  ‘help us, help you, help humanity’ philosophy.


The following are types of positions we are grateful to help service and fill in the Research, Development, and Medicinal cannabis leadership space:

Research & Development:

  • Cannabis Lab CEO, Director of R&D, Director of Bioinformatics, VP of Scientific Operations, Chief Microbiologist, and Chief Science Officers.

  • Research Analyst, Senior Scientist, and Chief Scientists.

  • Cannabis Lab Manager, Lab Analyst, Lab Owner, and Laboratory Purchasing Managers. 

  • Computational Biologist, Regulatory Scientist, Genomics Specialist, Microbiologist, Organic Chemist, Applied Research Biologist, and Director of Formulations.


  • Medical Director, Director of Medical Strategy, Cannabis MDs, Medical Supervisor, and Telemedicine Practitioners.

  • Registered Nurses and  Nurse Practitioners.

  • Cannabis Veterinary Specialist, Pharmaceutical Industry Specialist, and Clinician Managers.

  • Physical Therapist, Cannabis Nutritionist, and Cannabis Therapists.

“The question arises, what do we have this endogenous cannabinoid receptor system for? This is where it gets really interesting.” - Michael Pollan