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“I think when people say they dread going into work on Monday morning, it’s because they know they are leaving a piece of themselves at home. Why not see what happens when you challenge your employees to bring all of their talents to their job and reward them... for pushing the envelope, being adventurous, creative, and open-minded, and trying new things?” - Tony Hsieh

Human Resources + People Operations

Human Resources and People Professionals are not your company’s police, but they are your internal peacekeepers and magnets for the organizations. HR, People, and Talent Operations personnel serve your business at large by keeping the gears turning and the proverbial (grow) lights on through payroll, employee analytics, workforce planning, hiring & training, and overarching organizational development. Dually, they serve your employees by tirelessly working (and reworking), analyzing, and evaluating any issues that arise with compensation, benefits, employee-management relations, diversity, inclusion, recruitment, and performance metrics,  just to name a few.


At Lifted, we recognize the importance of a thoughtful and thorough Human Resources Department within your company and throughout our industry. Our committed HR & People team is dedicated to placing thoughtful leaders who find solutions to real, practical problems with equally considerate businesses.

The following are roles we are pleased to continue help service and fill in the HR and People Ops Sectors:

  • HR Director/VP, CHRO, Chief People Officer, Talent Acquisition + Recruitment Directors, and HRIS + HR Technology Leadership.

  • HRIS Analysts and Administrators, Integration Specialists and Developers, and Implementation Consultants, Managers, and Directors.

  • HR Generalists, HR Managers, and HR Business Partners.

  • Benefits and Compensation, Payroll, and  Diversity + Inclusion Consultants and Analysts. 

  • Performance Management, Labor & Employee Relations, and Workforce Planning Managers and Consultants.

  • Talent Management, Talent Acquisition Managers and Recruitment Team Leaders, Recruitment Marketing Professionals, and  Employer Branding Specialists.

Image by Marcus Loke
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