Real Estate +

Growth Strategy

“Strategy is only as good as you can articulate it.” - Bob Iger

Finding a place to call home is difficult under normal circumstances. That difficulty mounts considerably when navigating varying regulations and shrinking availability.


At Lifted, we connect with tenacious, agile, thoughtful agents, consultants, and strategists to help steer our industry and your company through uncharted territories.

Our deep network of consultants and strategists uphold values that go beyond property; the experts we champion understand the complexity of the cannabis industry and assess each situation with a discerning, tailored, and keen eye. In turn, our dedicated Real Estate/Strategy team aligns them with fledgling start-ups, fast-growing enterprises, and established operators.


The following are a sampling of positions we can help fill in the Real Estate and Growth Strategy areas:

  • Real Estate Brokerage Consultant, Leasing Specialist, Property Management Professionals, Hemp & Cannabis Real Estate Agents

  • Property and Real Estate Regulatory/Compliance Specialists, Property Valuation Specialists, Appraisers, Cannabis Real Estate and Property Law Professionals 

  • Growth Strategy Specialist, Exit Strategy Analyst, Mergers & Acquisition Consultant, Brand Expansion Specialist

  • Business Valuation Consultant, Restructuring Analyst, Capital Raising Specialist, Strategic Advisory 


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