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Senior Management + Executive Suite

Executives and team leaders in any enterprise are paramount; in the nascent cannabis space, they are ever more important. To find a compassionate, conscientious, and thoughtful leader is more unique than it ought to be. Likewise, to encounter tactful, discerning, and shrewd leadership is a rarity.


Yet, the true goal of those at the helm is to coalesce these qualities and establish excellence in an organization by example. Funny enough, we seem to meet and network with these kinds of leaders (or luminaries) more often than not. 


The following are a sampling of senior-level positions we consult on and help place:

  • Cannabis Executive Placements: Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Executive Directors, Board of Directors, EVP, VP, Director & Senior Management 

  • Cultivation: Cultivation Manager, Director of Cultivation, Greenhouse Director, VP of Production

  • Manufacturing: Director of Quality Assurance, Director of Engineering, Packaging Supervisor, and VP of Quality

  • Processing: Cannabis Lab CEO, Director of R&D, Director of Bioinformatics, VP of Scientific Operations, Chief Microbiologist, and Chief Science Officers

  • Retail: Director of Retail, VP of Retail Operations, Director of Customer Service, Chief Retail Officer, General Manager

  • Hardware: Chief Data Officer, Chief Product Officer, Application  Hardware Engineering Director, Automation Director

  • Software: VP of IT, Director of Technology, and Chief Technology Officers, Director of Software Development, CRM Manager, HRIS Director, ERP Director 

  • Finance: Chief Financial Officer, VP of Finance​, and Chief Revenue Officer, Director of Accounting

  • HR & People: HR Director/VP, CHRO, Chief People Officer, Talent Acquisition + Recruitment Directors, and HRIS + HR Technology Leadership

  • Sales: Sales Director, Director of Customer Acquisition, National Sales Director, and Director of Business Development

  • Marketing: Chief Marketing Officer, VP of Product Marketing, and Director of Communications, Marketing Director, Marketing Automation Director  

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