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"Success is not an entitlement, it has to be earned, and it has to be earned every day." - Howard Schultz

Willy Loman and Glengarry (though cherished works of art) have not painted sales in the best of lights in American pop culture. Conversely, we are seeing the birth of sales in the cannabis industry; rather than a decline in business or pushy methods, our industry is celebrating selling a product that is healing, healthful, and in-demand. The sales renaissance is upon us, folks!


Business Development and sales nurture one another through a copesetic cycle; easy and meaningful communication between the sectors is necessary for your company to flourish.


At Lifted, our dedicated Sales and Business Development team aligns principled, consultative, and warm sales professionals, managers, and directors with enterprises that hold fast to the same values.

The following are positions we are proud to continue to help serve and fill in the Sales and Business Development sectors:

  • Sales Director, Director of Customer Acquisition, National Sales Director, and Director of Business Development.

  • B2B Sales Specialist, Enterprise Sales Consultant, Territory Sales Manager, Business Development Manager, and Key Account Managers.

  • Software Sales Consultant, Technical Sales Consultant, Pre-Sales Specialist, and Sales + Forecasting Analysts.

  • Outside and Inside Sales Representatives, and Customer Success Managers.

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