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Talent Optimization 
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While finding and hiring quality leadership is one of Lifted Talent’s core competencies, the breadth of our capabilities is deepened by our talent optimization and advisory function.


You choose your level of engagement, and we provide you with key insights for your process and brand to thrive while crafting a unique talent solution that yields not only unmatched talent but longevity through retention.


As a certified partner of the Predictive Index, we leverage objective people data as our lens to unlock your most powerful, and consistently overlooked, asset: your people.


The discipline of Talent Optimization has four main components or focus areas; all based on the unique people data that comprise your company.


Through the talent optimization framework we work together to design winning teams through alignment and self-awareness; to hire folks, beyond the “briefcase”, with core drives which each position calls for; to inspire inclusivity and leadership at every level; and, continually diagnose and adjust as needed to drive employee engagement to all-time highs. Each touchstone works solely or synergistically to provide fundamental, data-driven insights, allowing your people strategy to not only form but to flourish.

Talent Optimization

The software and framework that makes the hardest parts of business easy.

You feel it in your gut—a sense that your company can’t shift into a higher gear. You may be rich with talented individuals, but they’re not assembled and managed in a way that pushes everyone to the top of their game. 

It’s not your fault.

     Few tools exist that help you analyze talent and guide team         creation.

     Few tools help people understand how to improve their own       performance.

     No tools let you see the whole person or team in the context       of your strategic goals.

In partnership with The Predictive Index, Lifted puts you—and your fellow leaders—in the driver’s seat so you can control outcomes and steer your company in the right direction. With confidence.


Turn any team into a high-performance, winning team. 

The perfect team for running a canna-software start-up is a terrible team for running an established grow-facility. And vice-versa.


A mismatch between a group’s behavioral style and its strategic goals can cause major problems.

Build and understand teams with data, not gut feel. Instead of wondering how to best help your teams get along and get the job done, let's work together by leveraging objective data t
o dig deeper into team dynamics, team objectives, and form a solid strategy to align to the two while allowing every team member to shine. 

With Design, we'll make your dream green teams a reality.

Help leaders across your organization hire brilliantly.


When you make a new hire, you create a new team. The dynamics change—for the better or for the worse. One bad hire can disrupt a winning team’s groove. Yet companies keep winging it and hoping for the best.

Go beyond the resume, gut feeling, or even a general cultural fit. Evaluate candidates for behavioral and cognitive job fit and see how they’ll affect team dynamics.

With PI Hire, we'll work together to make sure you're asking the right questions, that stakeholders are aligned on job specifics, and empower your company with a healthy internal talent acquisition function


Improve employee performance and promote inclusivity.

Managers think they understand their people—when they really don’t. They manage everyone the same way, ignoring individual needs and preferences. Frustrations grow. People stew in silence. High performers leave. This resonates evermore in the cannabis space. 

Help your managers understand how to interact with individuals to solve problems and increase their drive.


Unearth the platinum rule of inclusivity: treat others how they want to be treated. 


With Inspire, performance and retention soar harmoniously.


Run an actionable, comprehensive employee engagement survey.

Pinpoint and fix budding problems. Identify what’s working and do more of it. 


It's well-founded that failure to pull together the right people and build the right culture can lead to tension and unhappiness on a team or across the organization, but even if you’re doing everything right, one bad hire or an external crisis can hurt engagement.


Conduct a comprehensive engagement survey company-wide, leveraged by employee data, to ensure actionable steps and follow-through post-survey. 


Drive engagement on every team, at every level with Diagnose.



8000+ companies trust the Predictive Index to create dream teams.

Lifted Talent connects the cannabis space with this game-changing software. 

Discover how to optimize your talent today. 


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