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Talent Advisory

While finding and hiring quality leadership is one of Lifted Talent’s core competencies, the breadth of our capabilities is deepened by our talent advisory function.

We take a consultative approach to deliver custom talent acquisition strategies and solutions to our clients. Lifted Talent seeks out creative win-win, make-sense talent acquisition solutions for our clients. 

As your trusted advisor, we can help your organization formulate and enact engaging strategies, design new recruiting solutions, advise on HR & recruiting technology selection, implement diversity & inclusion hiring practices, find and hire quality talent, and turn your talent acquisition arm into a data-driven, competitive advantage

You choose your level of engagement as needed, and we provide you with key insights for your process and brand to thrive while crafting unique talent solutions that yield not only unmatched talent, but a strategy for longevity through retention.

To learn more about our approach, experience, and how we can add value to your Talent Acquisition function, contact us to set up an exploratory meeting.

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