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Cultivation + Harvest

Whether it's outdoor or indoor; natural sunlight, indoor lamps, or light deprivation; at Lifted, we understand the complexity of these growth decisions and techniques.


Moreover, we appreciate the importance of finding the right people to entrust with the very nature of this industry. We support, respect, and know the very best Hemp/Cannabis farmers, growers, and cultivators. 


Growth and cultivation are the essences (or terpenes, if you will) of our industry; from it, all other branches bloom. It is crucial to find the right cultivators and leaders whose craft, values, and grow philosophies align with your company’s.

The following are a sampling of positions we are delighted to help service and fill in the Cultivation and Harvest sectors:

  • Cultivation Manager, Director of Cultivation, Greenhouse Director, VP of Production, and Master Growers.

  • Agronomy Manager, Plant Health Manager, and Greenhouse Manager, Propagation Manager, Vault Supervisor, Plant Pathologist, Aquaponic Specialist, and Facility Pod Managers.

  • Quality Control Microbiologist, Plant Molecular Biologist, Plant Manager, Nutrient Manager, and Post-Harvest Managers.

  • Warehouse Supervisor, Construction Project Manager, Innovation Manager, Fertigation Lead, R&D Cultivation Manager, and Pest Management Specialists.

  • Infrastructure Architect and Grow Consultants.

Image by Adele Payman

“After some research about carbon sequestration through soil building, it became clear that planting as much hemp as possible was the best way to actively mitigate climate change and help restore normal rainfall cycles to our ecosystem.” - Doug Fine

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