Retail + Dispensaries

"In 1992, Mechoulam discovers what this endogenous cannabinoid is, and he names it anandamide, which is the Sanskrit word for inner bliss.” - Michael Pollan

As the last stop on the QA and QC train, Retail and Dispensary leaders have a great responsibility to our industry and your customers. How they lead and whom they employ shapes the experience consumers have not only in-store, but at home. Retail and Dispensary employees are the final people to touch the flower and product before the public enjoys and consumes them.


At Lifted, we affiliate with retailers and dispensaries who operate with dignity, quality, and efficacy. In turn, we align them with warm, ethical professionals to ensure storefronts and operations are welcoming, safe, and choice.


The following are positions we are dedicated to help service and fill in the Cannabis Retail and Dispensary Sectors:

  • Director of Retail, VP of Retail Operations, Director of Education, Holistic Services Director, and Director of Customer Service.

  • Chief Retail Officer, Pharmacist in Charge, and Supply Chain Analysts.

  • Director of Retail Markets and Merchandising Directors.

  • General Manager, Supply Manager, Store Manager, Purchasing Manager, Safety Manager, and Customer Experience Managers, Senior Budtender.

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