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Executive + Strategic Search Services

The importance of leadership in any and every environment is hard to overstate. As the cannabis industry matures and companies experience rapid growth and transformation, effective leadership is critical.

At Lifted, we search and connect across-industry, in adjacent industries, and globally to identify the ideal long-term leadership for your organization; opposed to stale, uninspired solutions.

We begin with superb research and expertise to provide deep-market data and competitive insights. Our strategic positioning in the space works integrally with our intelligent search technology to support each executive search we conduct.

Tailored for each client, we provide both a birdseye-view organizational diagnostic and a specified analysis of the position to streamline your decision-making process, and we always offer strategic and structural context around each candidate we present.

Highlighting the organizational synergy we identify in each candidate in this way allows you to better understand how they will acclimate to your company’s unique culture and environment.

These assessment methodologies to assess culture, skills, and competencies, we search to take candidates with diverse backgrounds and ensure successful leadership.

​The executive and strategic search placement services we offer are designed for Niche Specialist Positions, Manager, Director, and C-level hires in any of the practice areas we service.

We have flexible, dynamic packages depending on your needs and we look forward to building a make-sense strategy for your unique situation.

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