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Pre-License Application

Securing a cannabis operating license can be a highly competitive and intensive process. Prior to launch, an impeccable application is needed to secure a coveted license. Lifted Talent consults with license applicants at all stages of the process. We serve as a trusted talent acquisition partner and connect budding companies with expert professionals and services needed to write, facilitate, and secure a winning application. 


We actively cultivate and engage an extensive, deeply talented community of cannabis industry veterans open to exploring new opportunities and well-versed in application processes. Our cannabis network is complemented by the shared resources of our long-established sister company, Enterprise Select, which offers an extensive proprietary network of leadership talent in other highly regulated and equally complex industries. 

You can trust us to attract and align the stellar leadership team to transform your application from perfunctory to phenomenal, to implement a successful business plan, and, ultimately, to scale the business to its fullest potential. 


At Lifted, we understand how stressful this process is, but we embrace the excitement and creativity that challenges and possibilities bring. The following are an example of some of the key positions and professionals we can provide to help craft and submit the strongest application possible:

Application Creation/Drafting:

  • Application Writers

  • App Consultants

  • Legal Advisors. 

Application Personnel:

  • C-Suite: CEOs, COOs, and CFOs. 

  • Directors of Processing/Manufacturing, Directors of Cultivation

  • Directors of Extraction, Directors of Quality, Directors of Compliance

  • Directors of Security, Directors of Community

  • Dispensary Managers, Sales Directors

  • General Manager, Store Manager, Inventory Control & Purchasing

We have flexible, dynamic packages depending on your needs and we look forward to building a make-sense strategy for your unique situation.

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