Legal + Compliance

“No matter the country or its laws, religions, or current understanding about cannabis, access to the cannabis plant is a human right -- like access to all healing botanicals.” - Steve DeAngelo

The United States’ Constitution has a preamble, seven articles, a closing endorsement, and twenty-seven amendments; all of which can fit into a pocket sized-book. It remains one of the most complex, hotly debated documents in history (especially for a plant classified as a schedule one drug), but provides for States’ rights and laws, which compounds the complexity of American Law but does allow for States to enact legalization. 


None of this makes for an easy road for lawyers and scholars in the cannabis industry, but it does make for a rewarding one. At Lifted, we support and find our allies in legal scholars and lawyers and compliance officers and leaders.


Navigating sophisticated regulatory and legal requirements from the state and federal government, as well as internal policies may seem daunting; but, at Lifted, we know the people who handle the legalese with ease, the people who gracefully maneuver the bylaws without pause. We don’t mean to make light; our Legal and Compliance team champions the legal professionals who judiciously and meticulously advocate and defend the extraordinary companies we position them with.


These are our industry’s warriors, and the following are roles we are honored to continue to help service and fill in the Legal and Compliance sectors:

  • State Government Affairs Director, Chief Legal Officer, and Defense Attorney.

  • Senior Corporate Attorney, Corporate Counsel, Real Estate Attorney, and Licensing Specialists.

  • Manager of Regulatory Compliance, Manager of Financial Reporting, Regulations Inspector, and Compliance Officers. 

  • Cannabis, CBD, and  Hemp Lobbyists. 

  • Application Writer, Regulations Specialist, and Regional Inspectors.

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