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“We are all born into the same web of life; we are all the children of Mother Natures, and cannabis is one of the most precious gifts she has given us. When handled with care and respect, the plant can safely provide us with food, fuel, fiber, medicine, spiritual connect, and wellness. Cannabis is a birthright of all human beings and nobody has ever been justified in trying to take it away from us.” - Steve DeAngelo

“And there’s the Zen master who said, ‘Awakening to this present instinct we realize the infinite is the finite of each instant.’ What I’m suggesting is we can’t get from here to there without first forgetting, and we will find that it is the cannabinoids that mediate this process.” - Michael Pollan

“‘Hemp is deeply rooted in rural Kentucky culture,’ he told me. ‘Most people would call this a tobacco barn. But before that, it was a hemp barn.’


Seventy-seven years of cannabis prohibition, in other words, are a blip in humanity’s eight-millennia relationship with this plant.”  - Doug Fine

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